Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

September 15, 2003

I am planning my holiday vacation now and am worried about maintaining my fitness level while I am away for two weeks. How can I do that while I am away? Thanks, Geez Louise

Louise, I hope you are going to enjoy your upcoming vacation. However, you donít say where you are going, a warm country, a cruise ship or a cabin up north. If you are traveling, for example, to Florida, or will be on board a cruise ship, you will most likely find a gym where you would follow your present fitness program and not miss a beat.

However, if your vacation takes you to a place where there are no gyms, you must improvise and adapt. A two week regimen of hiking, lunges, and some form of push-ups will stand you in good stead. Pack along rubber tubing which is light weight and portable as opposed to dumbbells and you will be able to mimic your present workout to some degree. Add some abdominal work and you will keep that body in tact until you get home. Just keep active. Remember, instead of driving to see the sites, try to include more walking

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