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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 01/25/2005


Itís the time of year where I start getting into my lower body and really start working my legs and abs; any suggestions on a program that I could use?(Tricia, Syosset)

Iíll give you some basic standards that will place you on the right road barring any knee, hip or joint injuries, you can do:

  • Basic squats using your own body weight, or with a body bar resting on your shoulders, or holding dumbbells. Aim for 12-15 reps, slow and controlled, 2-2 cadence.
  • Lunges Ė forward, reverse or lateral. Control the movements feet flat; push off with the whole foot, particularly your heel.
  • Abductor/ Adductor machine or you can do side legs lifts and inner thigh moves with your bodyís own resistance or with ankle weights.
  • Hamstring machines- alternate prone position with seated. Also, you can try doing mat work using fitness magazines or books to guide you.
  • Calf raises to get the blood circulating in your legs. You can use your bodyís own resistance or weights positioned on your shoulders. Try to stand on a step in order to go up on your toes and then stretch down on your heels.
A little cardio to compliment your weight training coupled with a sound nutritional program to establish balance. With all this you will be strutting strong.

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