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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 02/01/2005


Iím upper middle-aged (62 to be exact) and Iím having recurring bouts of lower back and joint problems. Am I too old to begin strength-training? Iíve heard it may counteract that feeling of being old. (Moe, West Hempstead)

You heard right about strength training. It can change everything inside-out. Also itís good that you recognize the changes that have occurred since your more athletic high school days and are ready to take back your power! To business: Your lower back and joint problems affect 60% of the population. Symptoms are chronic pain in the lower back area, bouts of muscle spasm along with tightness. Usually, unless differently diagnosed by a doctor, they are attributed to tight hamstrings, poor posture (standing or sitting) and a weak core system (abs and lower back).

Consult a trainer to properly guide your exercise programming for your needs which include: technique, instruction for machine use, free weights and body dynamics.

  • Program warm ups and cool downs
  • Total body program consisting of multi-joint and compound exercises and progression goals
  • Strong core and abdominal work
  • Flexibility and balance work for the body
  • Cardio and nutrition to burn some fat
You will build some muscle to become lean and mean the way you were in the good, old days.

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