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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 02/08/2005


Iíve been progressing nicely with my cardio and strength-training program and my body has responded by leaning out. However, I have hit a snag and am wondering if I should reduce my carbs like my gym friends have suggested. I would like to lose 5-8 lbs to put me right at my target weight. Any suggestions? (Jane, Bayshore).

Although your friends might be advising you from their hearts, science provides a different strategy. By all means cut out white processed foods, but the carbs you might be cutting out of your diet are found in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans. These complex carbs, aside from giving your body fuel to train at a good intensity that will achieve results, can help reduce the risk of:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
Weight loss from diets that reduce carbs and advocate high protein consumption and fat intake increase the risk of many health problems. Maybe they will help you achieve short-term weight loss, but not in the long term. To keep it simple: Eat according to the governmentís dietary pyramid, cut big portions of fat and protein down to size, and change your cardio routine to keep challenging the body with a good intensity. Strength-train to increase lean muscle tissue and those 5-8 lbs will peel off your body in a healthy way!

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