Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

March 7, 2004

I’ve been training the better part of a year and am enjoying the new found me. I’m thinking of going to a spin class because I feel it will challenge me and I want to do something different. What are the how’s? (Jamie, Valley Stream)

Well, I applaud you for experiencing the benefits of a balanced and healthy lifestyle which affects our minds and bodies. As to your question, I personally have not done a spin class as of yet, but I will try it to experience the feeling that I hear spinners talk about. Now that you have the idea, first take a class, go to the back and break the ice. Keep it basic and don’t try to keep up with your instructor. Stay in a steady groove and introduce yourself to what it’s all about. Learn the mechanics by asking your instructor to adjust the seat and get the proper leg/pedal connection. Learn how to work the resistance. Remain relaxed with back/alignment always in check. Don’t lock out your arms. To tighten up and place undo tension on your body will tire you out unnecessarily. Experience and commitment will be your greatest teachers. Be patient.

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