Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
Toning up Breasts and Buttocks (March 14, 2006)

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I enjoyed your website! I am trying to tone up and strengthen my muscles behind/above my breasts and also tone up my hamstrings/buttocks area: Womenís favorite places. I do step aerobics and a good amount of walking. I do have access to a gym at work. What would your advice be to work on these specific areas? Everywhere else on my body is coming along great. (Elizabeth Chapman)

Keep up the good work! Consistency will help you reap your desired results. A total balanced fitness program will give you the body you want: Cardio, resistance training and diet.

Chest, shoulders and back training will make your upper body lean, firm and give you good posture. Good posture means proper alignment, flatter abs and uplifted breasts. You workout should include: Incline chest press and shoulder presses as both exercises will firm up the structure under your breast (there is no muscle in the breast which is adipose tissue).

A balanced lower body workout program will target the hamstrings and gluteal area: Do squats, lunges and try the hamstring machine at the gym. To tighten the glutes: Squat low Ė you can use a stability ball against the wall; do pelvic raises off the floor; do hip extensions with leg lifts on your knees and forearms. Make sure you are executing with proper form, slow and controlled movements, concentrating on the working muscle, exhaling on exertion. Any added resistance will add intensity and overloading the muscle will work it harder.

Remember to work all the muscles in your body to bring balance. Eat nutrient dense foods to enhance your workouts and donít put added fat tin your body to sabotage your efforts.

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