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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 03/22/2005


I'm tall (about 5' 10") and my body is long and straight - not too much of a shape). I've played basketball for a number of years and now that I'm older, I would like to feel better about myself and thought weight training could help me look more like I want to look. Help! (Monica, Carle Place)

From your description you are a classic ectomorph - tall, lean and not much noticeable muscle mass. Weight training is your answer! I'll make it simple. Get a trainer; it's worth it and will save you time in the long run. Your trainer will devise a program to specifically help you develop muscles. Try to lift weights three times a week. I recommend that you emphasize legs, glutes, back, arms and delts. In other words, a total body muscle makeover.

The next step is sound nutrition, emphasizing protein and complex carbs and eating about six small meals a day. Third step is to incorporate some cardio into your program for heart stamina, not fat burning - that means shorter cardio sessions of thirty minutes in between training sessions. By next season there will be a new you! Keep in touch with your progress.

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