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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 03/29/2005


I’m trying to find out what type of exercise will help rid me of the “bra bulge” as well as lose the belly fat, hoping to re-find my waist. I spend many hours a day behind a computer and really need to get rid of the unsightly bulges! (Debbie, Massapequa)

You provided all the necessary information to answer your own question: Not enough movement! If you don’t get active, like a vacant room, fat looks to move in. Now to help you start an exercise program:

  • Cardio to burn fat. 4 to 5 days 30-45 minutes
  • Total Body resistance training program (progressive) 3 days per week. Focus on big muscle groups - chest/back/legs- and compound exercises
  • Change your diet to include nutritionally sound choices: lean protein – chicken, fish, beans; complex carbs – vegetables, fruits and whole grains; stay away from refined sugars; drink plenty of water to increase metabolism
After awhile with some discipline and focus, you will have a new body. If you want to change, then changes have to be made. Let us know how you fare.

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