Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

April 4, 2004

I’ve started weight training a couple of months ago and am enjoying it a lot. I see an overall improvement, but I want to see more specific results in my arms. Can you give me some help about how to get my arms more cut especially for spring and summer? (Denise, Farmingdale)

Here are a couple of exercises to get armed! Triceps (the back of the arm) is the largest muscle in the arm and is underused by most women. I recommend bench or chair dips which use your body as your own resistance. Hold on to stable furniture that you can sit on. Your hands are directly outside your hips and your palms face down, knuckles up. Keep your butt close to the furniture and bend your knees as you slowly lower your body to the floor, bending your elbows behind you. Your arms and forearms form a right angle. Pause at the bottom; then slowly raise your body to where you began by straightening your arms.

For your biceps do a dumbbell curl or a seated alternate dumbbell curl. Make sure you return to a full extension after you contract the muscle. Do not incorporate the wrist; instead use the biceps muscle to lift up the weights. Do these slowly and controlled—no momentum.

Aim for 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. Do your cardio to burn fat so that you ca see muscle definition. Balance: cardio, strength training and proper nutrition to maintain proper function of the body- putting yourself into an environment of muscle success. Patience and consistency!

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