Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
To Get Bigger Biceps, Donít Forget the Triceps (April 11, 2006)

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Iím pretty happy with my overall muscle development, but I still feel my biceps arenít keeping up. Can you give me some new ideas? (Anthony, Ronkonkoma)

Answer: Sometimes it is a matter of genetics. The key is to place quality of training ahead of quantity of exercises and sets done; this advice applies to all body parts! Change it up when your muscles adapt. And donít forget to work the triceps!

Here are some basic rules to follow to maximize the growth of your biceps.

  • Limit total exercises per arm to 3, doing 3 sets each.
  • Allow for adequate recovery time (48-72 hours) between biceps workouts. ē Get past sticking points mind/muscle connection - believe and achieve.
  • Eat good solid nutrition to enhance growth- remember to eat lean protein.
  • Seated, slightly inclined dumbbell curls. Do both arms at the same time (8-12 reps).
  • E-Z curl bar biceps standing curl to really hit that biceps with the brachial tie-ins. ( 8-12 reps)
  • Finish with seated single arm preacher curls (10-12 per arm).
  • To change the appearance of your arm, you need to follow-up with a game plan for the triceps, the opposing muscle which composes 2/3 of your arm. Youíve got your work cut out for you!

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