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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 05/09/2005


I want to start resistance weight training to lean and harden my muscles. I do enough cardio and my diet is geared to my athletics. What do you recommend? (Lisa, Amityville)

I recommend that you hire a personal trainer to set up a personalized safe and sound program, instructing you on muscle mechanics, proper form and technique. Also, I suggest that you start building your foundation with free-weight exercises to develop functional stability and strength. Your trainer will show you compound movements that use big muscles and strengthen your joints. You can also use machines for variety. The basic difference between free weights and machines is that machines:

  • Have guided resistance
  • Are often performed seated
  • Basically do not develop the stabilizer or postural mechanisms of the body
Down the road if you donít do free-weight exercises, you might be more prone to injuries. Continue maintaining the balance of three components: cardio training to enhance lean tissue repair (muscles), diet and resistance weight training. Soon you should see some lean muscle on your body!

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