Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

May 16, 2004

Spring is the time of year that I start really working on my legs and abs. Do you have any suggestions or exercises that get the job done? (Tricia, Levittown)

Here are some of my favorites. Barring any knee or hip injuries, your basic leg program will consist of:

  • Static squats, either with weights for added resistance or just using a light body bar. Do 12-15 reps slowly and controlled. You can place a stability ball between your back and the wall to make sure you execute your squats properly while you feel secure that you are protecting your back.

  • Lunges- do them front, reverse, or lateral. Try walking lunges down a hallway for a highly effective version.

  • Use the abductor and adductor machines in the gym.

  • Do some glute exercises either by using the butt blaster in the gym or get a video and follow along. Also, most fitness magazines will have photos of glute exercises that you can easily follow.

  • Conclude with calf raises to get the blood pumping in your legs. You can do them anywhere.

Make sure you incorporate some cardio and remember to make choose wisely when you eat. Soon you will be strutting your stuff…

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