Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
It’s Macho to be Flexible
May 16, 2006

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I hear so much about why I should hold flexibility training in the same class as cardio and resistance training. What benefits do I get from this flexibility thing? (Joey Z, Smithtown)

Here’s the gist of why flexibility enhances the body, so that you can get the most benefits from your training:

  • Decreased risk of injury – increasing range of motion eases stress on muscle tissues while executing a movement, less tightness and less pull.
  • Increased physical efficiency and improved performance – a flexible joint has the ability to move further in its range and makes it easier to move through in connection to its joints.
  • Improved circulation through the tissues transporting nutrients to the muscles.
  • Improved muscular balance and postural awareness to help alignment of the tissue structures and the effect of gravity and postural habits.
  • Reduced stress to promote muscular relaxation.
  • Reduced lower back pain – lumbar/pelvic flexibility including hamstrings, hip flexors and muscular attachments to the pelvis is critical in decreasing stress to the lower spine.
So stretch your body and your mind. When life throws you a curve, you have to be loose and flexible.

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