Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
When Your Workout Becomes Routine, So Do You.
May 23, 2006

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Iíve been working out for just under a year now. I see results, but lately, Iím at a standstill. I need a jumpstart to progress. (Jamie, Carle Place).

Without knowing your age, your program or present diet, itís a bit difficult to personalize. Here are the basics and you can apply them to your own needs:

  • Strive to increase your weight and strength. This is known as progressive overload. You will recruit more motor units and increase your Type II muscle fibers to achieve hypertrophy (growth).
  • Keep a balanced workout program where you vary the exercises and schedule rest in-between for joint and muscle tissue to repair.
  • Do a rep scheme of heavier weights 6-10 reps for growth with the last few reps being intense.
  • Change your workouts every 5-8 weeks to keep them fresh and challenging for your muscles. Donít get bored by doing the same thing. The body easily adapts and when it becomes routine, so do you!
  • Incorporate cardio to burn fat to have more definition. Your plan is to increase muscle mass and decrease fat.
  • Follow through with a nutrient dense diet. Eat as though you want to look fit and put on muscle.

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