Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

June 6, 2004

Iím in my middle 60ís and have stayed in decent shape due to my activities. I workout a couple of days a week and am still pretty strong. However, Iíve heard testosterone levels drop as we get older. Will this affect me? (Fred, Copiague, Long Island)

Yes, itís true that testosterone levels decline at midlife and beyond. Fortunately you are living in a good time period where many of the myths about aging have been exposed. It was once widely believed that senior citizens were limited to neurogenic changes (training that influences the nervous system) when they strength-trained. However, research studies of seniors 72-98 yrs have consistently shown that resistance training leads to increased strength, greater muscle mass, better mobility and yes, keeps testosterone levels up, compensating for the decline.

By maintaining a strength training regimen for large muscle groups you will be able to elevate testosterone levels naturally without taking hormone replacement therapy which carries an increased risk of prostate cancer. Remember, I am not talking about just doing biceps curls. You need to work out large muscle groups and incorporate compound movements to reap the benefits. Practice good form and healthy eating habits- nutrition dense foods. Anyway it is quality over quantity!

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