Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

June 20, 2004

I just started exercising a few months ago to tighten and tone this body of mine. Though a blessed event, I just found out Iím pregnant. How will this affect my training? What are my limitations? (Tanya, Freeport)

With your doctorís consent the prescription is that you can move right along with your program. Moderate and even a little vigorous exercise can be performed by active pregnant women. However, if you werenít so active before you got pregnant, then low to moderate intensity is advised. The way you choose to exercise must be built around comfort, safety and convenience. Similarly, your return to exercise after delivery should be gradual- it took nine months to put on the weight and you need to be patient about getting back into shape. Here are a few doís and doníts to serve as guidelines:

  • After the first trimester supine positions should be avoided.
  • Avoid hot environments; stay hydrated, before, during and after you workout.
  • ēStay away from exercises where there is a greater risk of falling or for impact injuries occurring like step class.
  • Strength training is okay, but avoid holding your breath during lifts. Weight resistance must be low to moderate. You should be able to do 12-15 reps comfortably, slowly and controlled.
  • Be aware of physical signals like fatigue, bleeding, spotting or any pain.
  • Make the right food choices. Just because you are eating for two, doesnít mean that you should double your caloric intake. Keep relatively active.

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