Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
Get a Quality Workout in 30 Minutes (July 5, 2005)

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Ever since I got a promotion, my hours have increased. Believe me, its great, but my workout time has been cut. For now how can I get a quality workout in about 45 minutes or less well more like 30 minutes? Help! (Carla, Freeport)Answer

I will try to show you that less is more!

  • Cut the resting time between sets and exercises.
  • Cut out one set of duplicate exercises and instead make it 2 strong, intense sets
  • Superset or tri-set. For example: Chest press/ squats or lunges or chest press/dumbbell side laterals/ dumbbell one arm low rows
  • Most important cut exercises not body parts. Do at least one exercise per body part. You must always strive for body balance no weak link
It will be hard work in a short time, but you will reap your rewards if you stay intense and focused.

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