Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

August 4, 2003


Renee from Garden City asks: I work out 5 days a week and have a set routine for each day. But my body has stopped changing and improving. I feel frustrated and think about giving up. Why bother?


Stop feeling frustrated and by all means don’t give up!

All you need to do: simply make some changes to that stale workout. When you first started your program, it was new and challenging and you were gong-ho. Then over time your body and mind adapted to your program. Mentally you were bored and physically the challenges were gone. Now the returns are few, even though you devote the time. Again, change—change—change.


Change the workout on different days. Change your rest day to fall in the middle of your weekly program if you have been scheduling your rest days on the weekend, or vice versa. There are various exercises for each body part. Keep changing the exercise. For example, when you work your chest alternate from the bench press to dumbbells to push-ups. Surprise your body. By changing the fitness movements, the body’s recruitment pattern will change, creating a new environment or a new stimulus. These new challenges will spark a renewed interest.

Good luck! Remember change is good. That’s why we have four seasons to enjoy different seasonal activities and sports. Keep things fresh…

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