Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

August 22, 2004

What are some effective exercises to firm up my arms and shoulders? Right now I am at a standstill. (Joyce, Smithtown)

Good nutrition along with a fat burning cardio workout as well as a balanced strength training program will firm up the whole body. Now, regarding your arms, here are some specific workouts to get results: Use a weight appropriate for you, 12-15 reps until you feel fatigued, 3-5 sets twice a week. Remember to hold in your abdominals tightly to protect your back.

  • Biceps- barbell or dumbbell curls. The movement is biceps driven, full extension with the wrist coming along for the ride.
  • Triceps- lying triceps extension. In the gym- standing triceps press down.
  • Shoulders- barbell or dumbbell presses overhead. Follow with lateral raises, then front raises to target the shoulder.

Follow this regimen and you will see progress in a few weeks.

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