Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
Push-ups - Great Exercise for Women
September 19, 2006

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I just started strength training and am enjoying the changes in my body. I would like to be able to do a manís pushup. Whatís the proper technique and what would the pushup do for me? (Jane, Smithtown)

First, letís call it a regulation push-up, so as not to insult all the women who donít associate the pushup as a man thing. Itís a great all around exercise and can be done anywhere. Technique:

  • Support yourself face down on the ground with arms extended, hands shoulder-width (or more) and feet touching or slightly apart.
  • Inhale and begin to lower your body to the ground keeping the elbows in that natural position without arching your lower back.
  • Push back to straighten or extend your arms back to starting position that would be one repetition. Remember to exhale as you come back up.
Your chest, front shoulders and triceps will be shaped and strengthened with this exercise. When regulation pushups are too tough initially, do pushups off the knees. You will get the benefit by executing with proper form without caving in and doing them sloppily.

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