Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
How to Deal With Sugar Lust (October 18, 2005)

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I have a hard time staying away from eating some kind of chocolate dessert each day. I donít have a weight problem, and work out on a regular basis, but I feel bad about eating dessert loaded with sugar each day. Do you have any tips for limiting my intake of sweets without missing or craving it? Iíve tried to give up eating sweets before, but failed miserably. Thank you, (Susan, New Jersey)Answer

If you are following a sound nutritional program, this would not be a problem. But sweet eaters usually binge, skip meals and their diet is suspect. Better to choose your battles! Try sugar free products; some are actually quite good. Instead of chocolate, try raisins or a sweet fruit to satisfy your sugar lust. Save the chocolate for a reward after a nutritious day of eating which includes a balanced breakfast. Skipping breakfast could set you up for sugar lust.

Use your mind as the control center and think about your meals and snacks in a positive way, not about giving up something you enjoy. Note: dark chocolate, not milk chocolate, contains flavanoids and antioxidants that are healthy for you. A little can be healthy and serve as a reward.

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