Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
Weight Training Where Do I Begin?
October 24, 2006

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I want to begin some resistance training. How would I start to design a program that will help me? (Sara, Oceanside)

Weight training is a good choice because it will change your body composition, make your bones and muscles stronger and give you an overall feeling of health because you feel more powerful and in control.

Begin by seeking out a qualified trainer at the gym. Interview your trainer and ask for references. Once you select a personal trainer, he or she will assess your fitness level and goals and then will create a program especially for you. Most likely your trainer will select one exercise per body part, starting off with machines and then progressing to free weights. Machines help you to execute the move properly and keep you in position. Free weights require more core balance and are more advanced designed to improve your activities of daily life. Also, your trainer will give you a cardio plan to lose and burn fat, assisting you in making better food choices as well.

Four to six weeks of this structured plan will get you on your way to that new and improved body. Stay consistent and believe!

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