Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

November 2, 2003

A number of e-mails have requested information about interval training. Is it good for you?

Interval training involves: weight lifting, calisthenics, and lots of repetitions. An example is the Marine workout that Michael Lewis and I produced for the Hollywood Atrium Club. A creative and fun obstacle course was set up with calisthenics stations and options for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Participants, ages 30 to 70, crawled on their knees, slid on their butts, walked in tires, sprinted, did jumping jacks and swung on a rope. Then they did it again. Next everyone ran into the aerobics room for weight training. Then it was back to the obstacle course and back again to the aerobics room for a little kick boxing and more weight training. You get the picture! Change is great for the body and interval training gets your heart pumping with fun and burns a lot of calories. Combining strength training with cardio gets you in great shape on all levels.

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