Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip
Lift Light Weights for Heavy Weight Loss (November 8, 2005)

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I need to lose about 70 lbs. I am afraid that if I weight train, I will bulk up or not lose as much weight because of building muscle. I am a 38 year old female. Is it better to focus on cardio and do light weights or do cardio and heavy weights? Thank you, Christine.

Make weight loss and nutrition your number one priority. And to balance it out, I would do 2 total body workouts a week giving yourself 48-60 hours space in-between for rest and repair of muscle tissue. Your total body workouts should consist of compound movements, light weights and 12-20 reps in good body sculpting, integrated movements, using all your muscles. Include some core stability work in each of these workouts. By working your muscles in this way you will keep your skin tone as you lose the weight and remember that muscles burn more calories which will help you accomplish your goal.

Once you achieve your goal weight, you can change your program to build some quality muscle by using heavier weights to tighten and tone to achieve definition. Maintain your cardio regimen and of course, good nutrition always. This all might sound easy, but it will take determination and consistent work. Believe that you are the most important person on the planet. Take the challenge!

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