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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 11/23/2004


I have been training for awhile and am really trying to study the correct way to train for most effective results. What’s your take on doing biceps curls with a straight bar vs an e-z curl bar? Is there a difference? (Corey, Island Park)

If you are looking for full biceps emphasis then the straight bar would be the flavor. A full supination fully engages the biceps (palms up).

However, the EZ curl allows for a more comfortable grip and less stress on your wrists. Both can be used, but that’s the major difference.

To do a proper curl, bring the weight up to where the forearm meets the upper arm, ¾ way up. If you bring the weight too high to the shoulder, it will cause a shoulder flexion which will decrease the work of the biceps. There should be no arm movement. Lock down the elbow to the side. Focus on the biceps driving the weight, not your wrist.

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