Frank Mikulka's

Weekly Fitness Tip

December 7, 2003

I’ve started jogging to burn more calories in my quest to lose weight; sometimes I jog outside weather conditions permitting or on a treadmill. Lately I have been experiencing pain in my lower leg around my shins. What is this and how do I prevent it? (Ellen, East Meadow)

The pain you are experiencing is commonly known as “shin splints.” It is caused by chronic strain, overuse and microtrauma of the anterior tibialis muscle on the shin bone.

Some of the causes:
  1. Running on hard unresilient surfaces
  2. Worn or improper foot gear
  3. Improper running style—heel contact must be made
  4. Running on the inside of the foot—excessive pronation

Treating shin splints:

  1. Ice immediately after activity
  2. Take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and relieve pain
  3. Reduce mileage and Intensity for a week and never run through pain
  4. Avoid hills and hard running surfaces
  5. After running do gentle stretching of the posterior leg calves and quad muscles

Good luck, Ellen. Shin splints are common and treatable, so it won’t slow you down for long

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