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Frank Mikulka's Weekly Fitness Tip - 12/07/2004


After training for awhile, I was told by a few guys at the gym about the great workout I would get by using a Smith Machine for my chest and leg workouts. Are they giving me the real scoop?((Larry, Smithtown))

A Smith Machine is made of a bar mounted between two vertical rods allowing an up and down motion. This sounds pretty good so far. Add some weight and Iím in body part heaven.

The other side, however, is that if you execute the same motions in a free style chest press or squat, the body does not go up and down vertically. There is a natural arc that the body follows when executing these movements. Taking this away by using the Smith Machine, youíll be creating unnatural stress to the joints, known as extreme compensation, and cause possible structural damage to the restricted path youíve chosen for the body to take.

Keep in mind that natural movements are just that Ė natural. And long term thatís the road you choose.

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